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Neuro-SysMed seminar – Sufferings in ageing persons

Velkommen til Neuro-SysMeds månedlige seminarer! Tittel for dette seminaret: Sufferings in ageing persons. Is reflection relevant for precision medicine? Jan Reinert Karlsen er foreleser. Bli med i auditoriet i Bikuben kl. 11:30–13:00 (lunsj fra 11:30–12:00).

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Neuro-SysMed / C. Tzoulis


Speaker: Jan Reinert Karlsen

Title: Sufferings in ageing persons. Is reflection relevant for precision medicine?

Time: Wednesday November 16 at 11:30 - 13:00 (lunch from 11:30 - 12:00).

Registration link: at this link  Deadline (if you want to join the lunch) is November 10 at 11 AM


The given topic of this talk is “Sufferings in ageing persons”. To this topic I have added a subtopic, which I have articulated as an open question: Is reflection relevant for precision medicine? As I suspect most of the audience will be relatively unfamiliar with my academic background and general research approach, I will first provide a brief introduction to ‘theory of science’ (i.e., vitenskapsteori) and the interdisciplinary work we do at Neuro-SysMed in the Philosophy of Neurodegeneration-group (POND). As a focal point of this research is on concepts of suffering, the aim of the talk is to show how concepts of suffering may aid our reflection and add new insights to extant (and envisioned) research and clinical practices. To this end, I have chosen four interrelated topics: The first, I have chosen to name “The default disease doctrine in medicine and its relation to professional ethics”. The second, I call “Precision medicine and the end of suffering”. The third topic, I have chosen to call “Old age and suffering in the Anthroposcene”, is followed by the fourth, “Complexity and heterogeneity IRL”, where I will conclude the talk by inviting to a conversation about how Neuro-SysMed, as a centre with inter-disciplinary and trans-disciplinary ambitions, may innovate with regard to these topics.

Place: The auditorium in Bikuben, Jonas Lies vei 69 (campus Haukeland University Hospital)