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Dr. Alex Knodell, Associate Professor, Classics Department, Carleton University, US

Project Title: Small Cycladic Islands Project

Project Description: Dr. Knodell is the co-director of the Small Cycladic Islands Project (SCIP; 2019-present), a collaboration (synergasia) between the Ephorate of Antiquities of the Cyclades, the Norwegian Institute at Athens, and Carleton College. The synergasia operates under the direction of Demetris Athanasoulis (Director of the Cyclades Ephorate), and the research is co-directed by Drs. Alex Knodell and Žarko Tankosić (University of Bergen). SCIP is a diachronic archaeological survey of several small, uninhabited islands in the Cycladic Archipelago (Greece). As of 2022, SCIP has carried out comprehensive surveys of 45 islands. During his stay at NIA, Dr. Knodell will be working on data analysis and publication of SCIP’s results.

For more information about SCIP, please follow this link.