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Svein Michelsen with two contributions to book about vocational education and training (VET)

Svein Michelsen has contributed two chapter to the forthcoming book "History of Vocational Education and Training in Europe: Cases, concepts and challenges". Michelsen is the sole author of the chapter "The case of the Norwegian VET – Origins and early development 1860-1930", and he has co-authored the chapter "Same but different – The emergence of VET in three Nordic countries" with Christian H. Jørgensen, Jonas Olofsson, and Daniel P. Thunqvist.

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The chapter "The Case of the Norwegian VET – Origins and early development 1860-1930" shows the development of VET in Norway, and in it, events central to the development of VET, central stakeholders, and driving forces of the development, are identified. The study shows that the liberal state was not fit to meet challenges arising from collective action problems, and that the educational policies of Norway was addressing issues of nation-building and general education,  vocational training was the domain of industry.


The chapter "Same but different- The emergence of VET in three Nordic countries" traces the causes of divergence between the Nordic countries with regards to VET back to the deregulation of VET as a consequence of the dissolution of the different vocations guilds. It shows how VET adapted in different ways in Norway, Sweden and Denmark, to meet new regulatory requirements meant to ensure an adequate number of apprenticeships, high quality vocational training, and that students were equipped with the theoretical knowledge required for work in a period of rapid industrialization, in the period of 1850-1945. In Denmark this resulted in VET separating from regular education. In Norway, Vet was integrated as part of upper secondary education. In Sweden, VET almost disappeared.