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CIH PhD candidate July 2016: Jörn Blume

There are two main reasons for why Jørn Blume is the candidate of the month of July.

Profil bilde Jörn Blume
Jörn Blume


There are two main reasons for why Jörn Blume is the candidate of the month of July.

1.    Jörn was here in July. Few were being here, both of PhD candidates, scientific staff and administrative staff. He kept CIH going almost on his own. This is admirable! Especially in a Bergen July with very much rain.

2.    Jörn is a pioneer in his field. Jörn is a pioneer who is doing things the hard way. He does new things. His title of the PhD is “Challenges in daily infant peri-exposure prophylaxis to HIV exposed uninfected infants during breastfeeding”. He tries to find out whether babies actually get the medicine given to them orally and how this is rated by the mother and by health personnel. The validation study has been conducted in the Western and/or Eastern Cape Province this year. It is completed, and he analyses and writes up the results. We congratulate Jörn with good and new achievements! He will present his work at at a scientific seminar at CIH. Date to be announced. 

CIH is very impressed.
Bergen 30/9-2016

Bjarne Robberstad
Bente E. Moen