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Memorial Symposium

Resumé: The Helga Salvesen Memorial Symposium, Boston 2016

The Helga Salvesen Memorial Symposium on Endometrial Cancer was held on October 24, 2016 at The Broad Institute in Cambridge, MA, USA.

Prof. Helga Salvesen
Professor Helga Salvesen


Professor Helga Salvesen is an author on more than 150 publications related to gynecological cancers, many of which were made possible through a network of Norwegian and international collaborators, and with several key papers obtained through collaborations with scientists in the Boston area, including at The Broad Institute.

The symposium was organized to honor our colleague, the late Dr. Salvesen (1963-2016), and her legacy of passionate commitment to translational research and patient care. A wide-array of scientific speakers presented data on the latest research in gynecological cancers with a special emphasis on endometrial cancer.

Integrated in these scientific sessions, the speakers also had an opportunity to share some personal thoughts, reflections, or stories about experiences with Helga that embodied her strong qualities. As a testament to Helga's collaborative spirit and ability to bring people together, new projects were initiated and ongoing collaborations propelled.

The program for the Helga Salvesen Memorial Symposium on Endometrial Cancer may be accessed here (HS_memorial_program.pdf).

We are grateful to sponsors from communities in Boston, USA, and Bergen, Norway, whom honored Helga by contributing to this successful memorial symposium. Furthermore, the lecture by Professor Frédéric Amant, Belgium, entitled "Patient derived uterine cancer xenografts” was sponsored by a Norwegian legacy as “Tannlege Olaf Aase og frues minneforelesning”. A video recording of this lecture is available here, with the videography having been provided by The Broad Institute, Cambridge, MA USA.

We wish to thank all the speakers, participants and sponsors for contributing to honoring Helga.

Our fond memories of Helga will always remain.

The Organizing Committee