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ACDC 2016 practical details

The summer school will take place from 8.-20. August. The venue is the Marine Station in Norris Point, Newfoundland, and the topic is the Role of High Latitudes in Centennial to Millennial Scale Climate Variability.

Marine Research Station Bonne Bay
Marine Research Station Bonne Bay


Target: Advanced PhD candidates and early career scientists.

Goal: To mix students and lecturers with empirical/proxy and dynamical training within climate science and focus on understanding the basic principles and dynamics behind centennial to millennial scale climate variability and their link to past, present and future changes to high latitude climate.

ECTS: Praticipants will receive 5 ECTS credits for the course

Including topics:

H/D-O events

Hemispheric linkages (ocean, atmosphere)

Shifts in atmospheric circulation and impact of sea ice/ice sheets

Changes in AMOC and implications

Thresholds in Arctic sea ice and role of ocean

Teleconnections (wave propagation, including NH to SH)

Marine ice sheet instability

Dating uncertainties (ice, marine, and terrestrial cores)

Application process:

The online application is colsed.

If you have any questions, please contact acdc@uib.no

Confirmed lecturers:

Updated list of lecturers is found on the front page.

Practical information

Updated information on the venue is found HERE and wil be continually updated.


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