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BBB seminar: Mike Modo

Understanding stem cell-mediated brain repair through MRI


Mike Modo
Centre for the Cellular Basis of Behaviour & MRC Centre for Neurodegeneration Research, Institute of Psychiatry, The James Black Centre, Kings College London, UK

Stem cell therapy is emerging as viable option for brain repair. However, to date little is known about how stem cells exert beneficial functions, how they migrate, integrate and differentiate in the living brain. The use of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and related approaches that allow the non-invasive monitoring of the brain can provide novel insights into the process of stem cell-mediated brain repair. The current talk will focus on the progress our laboratory has achieved in recent years in visualising stem cell migration repeatedly in vivo, using MRI to assess functional benefits of stem cell therapy and provide clues to a potential approach to investigate stem cell differentiation in vivo.

Host: Rolf Bjerkvig <rolf.bjerkvig[@]biomed.uib.no>, Dept. of Biomedicine