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Technical error leads to digital exam malfunction

180 students at the University of Bergen (UiB) experienced problems finishing their exams due to technical problems from an external supplier.

Facade of University Museum of Bergen
Jan Kåre Wilhelmsen, University of Bergen


On Friday 2 December, the University of Bergen (UiB) experienced technical problems during a digital exam. Of the more than 600 students who participated in the exam, 180 experienced problems when finishing their digital exams.“This is extremely regrettable. We are now working to determine the extent and the consequences for the students who experienced this technical malfunction,” says University Director Kjell Bernstrøm.More than 60 per cent of UiB's exams are performed digitally.“This is the first time we experience such problems and we are now in dialogue with the supplier to find out what went wrong,” says the university director.The technical issues led to the 180 students having problems with the digital exams for period of the exam hours.“The students who were affected are being followed up individually. Many of the students were presented with an extended deadline and have completed the exam. We will now send an e-mail to all interested students, and ensure that those affected by the incident are followed up in the best possible way,” says Bernstrøm.