Forskergruppen Estetiske forestillinger


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Members of the research group.

Julie Adams
Anthropology, British Museum

Brita Lotsberg Bryn
Russian Literature, University of Bergen

Aidan Conti
Classics, University of Bergen 

Susan Cumings
Writing and Critical Inquiry, University of Bergen/SUNY Albany

Asbjørn Grønstad
Film and Visual Studies, University of Bergen 

Jena Habegger-Conti
American literature, Bergen University College

Lene Johannessen
American literature, University of Bergen 

Tabish Khair
English literature, University of Århus

Anne Karhio
Irish literature/Digital culture, University of Bergen/NUI Galway

Mark Ledbetter
Religious Studies/Ethics, University of Bergen/College of Saint Rose

John McLeod
Diaspora and Postcolonial Studies, Leeds University

Laura Miles
British literature, University of Bergen 

Scott Rettberg
Digital Culture, University of Bergen

Wassim Rustom
English Literature, University of Bergen

Kari Salkjelsvik Soriano
Latin American literature, University of Bergen

Birger Solheim 
German literature, University of Bergen 

Erik Tonning
British literature and culture, University of Bergen 

Øyvind Vågnes
Film and visual studies, University of Bergen 

Nahum Welang
American literature, University of Bergen 

Zeljka Svrljuga 
American literature, University of Bergen