Petri Kursula laboratorium


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Research Methods

We use various biophysical, biochemical, and structural biology methods in our work. Many of our projects are multidisciplinary and involve international collaboration networks and use of large-scale research infrastructures.


Our work relies heavily on the use of synchtrotron radiation and neutrons. In a complementary setting, these techniques can provide detailed views into the structure and dynamics of molecules in large macromolecular assemblies. 

Locally, our infrastructure allows to carry out various experiments with biophysical techniques and prepare optimal samples for structural biology experiments at large-scale infrastructures (synchrotrons and neutron sources). The local methods are concentrated in the BiSS core facility. 

Main Methods

  • X-ray crystallography
  • small-angle X-ray scattering
  • synchrotron CD spectroscopy
  • neutron scattering
  • EM & AFM
  • protein interaction techniques
  • biophysical methods

Multidisciplinary collaborations

  • animal models
  • cell biology
  • genetics
  • simulations
  • bioinformatics