Forskergruppen Europas grenser


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The Borders of Europe

This page contains a survey of members external to the University of Bergen

External project researchers (POEM) and international contacts (to be updated)

• Jakob Lothe (Professor, British literature, UiO)

• Ingvild Folkvord (Professor of German Literature, NTNU)

• Anette Homlong Storeide (Associate Professor, History, NTNU)

• Line Alice Ytrehus (Professor Pedagogy, NLA, Bergen)

• Marie-Theres Federhofer (Professor of German Literature, UiT / Humboldt University Berlin) • Elin Nesje Vestli (Professor, German literature, HiØ)

• Cornelia Blasberg (Professor, German Literature, University of Münster)

• Wiebke Sievers (Dr. Senior Researcher, Austrian Academy of Sciences, Vienna)  

• Viorel Vizueranu (Professor, Philosophy, University of Bucharest)

• Oana Serban (PhD/Junior Researcher, Philosophy, University of Bucharest)

• Oksana Dovgopolova (Professor, Philosophy, University of Odessa)