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Information for applicants to the department`s PhD-programme


Application for the doctoral programme at the Department of Foreign Languages

To be admitted to our doctoral programme you usually have two options:

1) Apply for an announced  fellowship (stipend) within January/February of each year.

There are, however, also scholarships offered by the department`s various research projects in addition to the above mentioned main deadline. These may be announced at various times of the year.

NB! For the Department`s own announcements for salaried research fellow positions please consult: www.jobbnorge.no

See also: : https://www.uib.no/en/hf/25050/doctoral-education-faculty-humanities


2) Apply any time for admission directly to a doctoral programme (with funding from own country/institution/programme etc.).

When you apply you also must submit:

- A project description (outline)

- A time schedule for the period

- Certified copies of your diplomas

- A survey of your previous publications (if any) including your Master Thesis (thesis not to be included).

- Acceptance/confirmation from a person at this faculty/department willing 

  to be your supervisor 

- Acceptance/confirmation from the Department, usually by the signature of   

  the head of department

- Valid proof of satisfactory financing for the whole period

External applicants are required to guarantee that they can cover expenses of about NOK 120-140.000,- per year, which corresponds to approximately 15000 to 17500 Euros or 24000 to 28000 USD. This should cover living costs, travels and a fee for using the university`s facilities. office, pc etc

For further information on the studies belonging to the Faculty of Humanities please also contact our information centre: info-hf@uib.no

For general questions on the doctoral programme at the department of  Foreign Languages please contact: karoline.aksnes@uib.no