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Going to USA


Tax agreement

The tax agreement between Norway and USA makes USA a decirable country to visit during a research stay. 
Contact the tax office to find if you  eligable for tax deduction during a research stay in USA. 


DS-2019 "certificat ef eligibillity for Exchangevisitor J-1 status" is an important document. This document comes from your sponsor and gives a brief summary of the period you are staying in USA. Everyone in your party will have their own form. Remember, this form must be signed whenever you are leaving USA within the timeframe of your Visa period. 

I-94 form shows an overview of your travels to USA. You can be asked to show this in paper formate. This can be downloaded online.  I-94 

Apply for Visa to USA online. You must meet in person at the American Embassy in Oslo for an intervju. See the American Embassy for more information. 

Social security number

Your visa status will be relevant for your right to apply for social security number. More information can be found on  www.socialsecurity.gov.

The spouce visa will normally not qualify your spouce to applying for a SSN. In several cases it can be useful to have a document stating that you are not eligable for a SSN. 


Driving in USA

Check the list of approved driving licences in USA. If your country is not listed, you must apply for a driving lisence within 3 months after arrival. Remember to book appointment for driving test in advance. Spouse without SSN can also apply for driving lisence.  

Immihelp information regarding Driver's Lisence.


Bank account

You do not need a social security Number (SSN) to open a bank account in USA. Many prefers to use Bank of America. Your spouse can have the same bank account with a personal card. 

 Payment using check is still frequently used. Cash payment is also more used compared to Norway. 

Transferring money from norwegian bank to american bank can take up to one week. You will also be charged a transfer fee in both banks. 


To register for a phone subscription you will in most cases need a SSN. A SSN is normally not required for a prepaid phone subscription. You may still have a monthly payment. 


School system in USA

Choice of school may influence the quality of the school. There are several public and private schools in USA.    

The child starts in first grade the year they turn 6 (before school start). Before school start, the child will attend Pree-School or Kindergarten. 


Age School
5-10Elementary/primary School
11-13Middle school (Intermediate School)
14-18High School