Utreisende forskere


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As an EEA citizen, your child has the right to attend public school in all other EEA countries. For all countries, you should apply for school in advance before leaving Norway. Contact host institution for advices about which schools to choose, or which are available for application. 

In some cases, the school will ask for documentation from the Norwegian school your child is attending today, more often if the child is in higher grade than sixth grade. Outside of Norway, it is more common with marks and rating in the lower grades. The school can also require a language test, especially in English speaking schools. In many cases in English speaking countries, the child will be placed in classes for children with English as second language (ESL).  


From intermediate/secondary school and high school, you can ask your Norwegian school to provide you with an English transcript. 


In many countries, it is not as common as in Norway for toddlers to attend kindergarten or daycare. In addition, a fulltime place is more costly compared to the prices in Norway. There are often activities for example in the Seamen's church or in local libraries or churches, which are good social arenas for children and partner. Host institution will also be able to provide you with information regarding local activities for children. 



When you leave Norway you should bring the following documentation in English:

  • Vaccination status
  • Birth certificate
  • European Health card (for EEA citizens)
  • Transcript from school