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A Narratology of Criminal Cases

Narrating Crimes

An international workshop organized by the research project «A Narratology of Criminal Cases».

High Treason Lavery
Sir John Lavery - High Treason, Court of Criminal Appeal: the Trial of Sir Roger Casement (1916)
The Athenaeum


 A report from the workshop is available here.


Friday May 26th

  • Frode Helmich Pedersen (The University of Bergen): «The Story in the Norwegian Judicial Opinion»
  • Jeanne Gaakeer (Erasmus University Rotterdam): «Pathologies of Narrative in Criminal Law»
  • Matthew Weait (Univserity of Portsmouth): «Just a Matter of Opinion? Expertise and Criminal Culpability»
  • Patrick Hanafin (Birkbeck, University of London): «Crime narratives and counter-narratives in Dacia Maraini's Isolina»
  • Karen-Margrethe Simonsen (Univeristy of Aarhus): «14 years of Suspended Justice. On Mohamedou Ould Slahi and ‘Guantánamo Diary’»
  • Werner Gephart (The University of Bonn): «Narration or Subsumption? Two operations of imputing crime and punishment»
  • Ditlev Tamm (University of Copenhagen): «Narrating Crime in Wagner’s The Ring of The Niebelungs»
  • Julia Chryssostalis (University of Westminister): «Telling tales to catch law's ear? Literature maintains...»

Saturday May 27th

  • Greta Olson (Justus Liebig University Giessen): «The Criminalization and Ethnosexualization of Migrant Men in Germany after the 2015 Attacks in Cologne»
  • Panu Minkkinen (University of Helsinki): «'Natural Born Killers': Roland Barthes and the Mythological Criminal»
  • Helle Porsdam (Univeristy of Copenhagen): «Innocence and Identity: Orhan Pamuk and Access to Cultural Heritage»
  • Arild Linneberg (University of Bergen): «The Metaphysics of Storytelling. Walter Benjamin as a Challenge to Narratology – And to Our Project