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Citizens' views in four jurisdictions on placement policies for maltreated children

Marit Skivenes and June Thoburn (East Anglia University, UK) has recently published their article “Citizens' views in four jurisdictions on placement policies for maltreated children” in the journal “Child and Family Social Work”

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Citizens' opinions on child protection public policy are a key dimension of the legitimacy of a political order. The study is based on data material from a survey vignette on a representative sample of citizens (N = 4,003) in England, Finland, Norway, and California, USA. The findings show that citizens' opinions are clearly in favour of adoption (75%) rather than long-term foster care (25%). Context may partly explain the findings, as the responses of the majority of Anglo-American respondents are in line with practice in their countries but for the Nordic respondents, there is a substantial discrepancy between citizens' opinions and on-going child protection practices.

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