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Announcement of research fellowships and research positions

Four new positions have been announced at the department, with application deadlines at August 29.

Announcement of research fellowships and research positions


Two PhD positions have been announced at the Department of Administration and Organization Theory, one with a three-year duration and one with four. Both are affiliated with the Acceptability-project: “The acceptability of child protection interventions”. Additionally, two research positions related to the Discretion-project, "Discretion and the child's best interests in child protection", are available, both with one year's duration. Professor Marit Skivenes is leading the projects.

The projects are administered by the Centre for Research on Discretion and Paternalism, which is part of the Centre on Law and Social Transformation - a cooperation between the University of Bergen and Christian Michelsen Institute. The positions application deadlines are on August 29, and the projects are funded by The Research Council of Norway through the FRIHIMSAM program and by the European Research Council, respectively. For more information about the projects or positions, read UiB's pages or contact Marit Skivenes.