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Global health Anthropology Research Group Meeting - October 26

We will have three presentations and will start with a new member in the group who will give an introduction on global studies of religion with a particular emphasis on pentecostalism and how it relates to health and health seeking. Then we proceed with presentations of paper drafts on maternal health and health seeking in Ethiopia.

13.30:   Hans Geir Aasmundsen, senior researcher UiB Global: “Pentecostalism and Health”

14.10:   Elin Mordal, PhD candidate University College Molde presents an early draft of her paper: “Women's Use of Maternal Health-Care Services in Hawassa Zuriya Worda: A Qualitative Study of Women's Childbearing Preference Location”

15.00:   Janne Gjerde, PhD candidate, IGS, UIB presents a draft of her third paper: “The lucky ones get cured: Health care seeking among women with pelvic organ prolapse in Amhara Region, Ethiopia”.

We normally set aside 20 minutes for presentation in order to secure sufficient time for discussion.

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