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Christina Herdlevær



Medical Student Research Programme (Aug 2017-Jun 2022), Faculty of Medicine, University of Bergen (UiB). 
Medical student (Aug 2015-present), Faculty of Medicine, University of Bergen (UiB). 



Exploring the effects of potential selective BRAF pathway inhibitor GDC-0879, with the main aim being development of a treatment for melanoma brain metastases. 

Melanomas often develop mutations in the BRAF enzyme of the MAPK pathway, a central modulator of melanoma survival, proliferation, invasion and angiogenesis. Especially recurrent is the BRAFV600E mutation, enabling activation of the MAPK pathway, tumor growth and survival. Selective BRAF pathway inhibitors poses a promising possibility for future therapeutic measures. 

Eventually, melanomas often develop resistance to BRAF inhibitors by downstream activation of MEK and ERK, and single drug therapy is therefore not advised. There is a need to combine BRAF inhibitors with other inhibitors of the MAPK pathway. In sum, using the compounds GDC-0879, SL-327, and FR180204, I will study the effects of single and combined treatment on several human brain metastasis cell lines harbouring the BRAFV600E mutation.