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Competence exchange Cambodia – Norway in child and adolescent mental health

The project “Competence exchange Cambodia – Norway in child and adolescent mental health” has lasted 12 years and include a 14 days annual visit to Center for Child and Adolescent Mental Health in Phnom Penh from a Norwegian team.

Picture of Center for Child and Adolescent Mental Health Cambodia
Visit to CCAMH (Center for Child and Adolescent Mental Health) in Phnom Penh every November 2017 from a Norwegian team: Gunn Aadland, Marit Hafting and Krister Fjermestad.
Marit Hafting


The Global Mental Health Research Group supports the team, represented by Gunn Aadland (pediatrician) and Marit Hafting (child and adolescent psychiatrist) and Krister Fjermestad (psychologist) on their clinical support visits to Cambodia.

Their annual visit includes joint supervision and workshops at Center for Child and Adolescent Mental Health (CCAMH). CCAMH is an NGO that has more than 5000 consultation every year form 18 provinces in Cambodia, thus being of regional importance for competence and management of child mental health problems.

The Norwegian academicians and clinicians plan, conduct and report the workshops with their Cambodian partners including different departments of the CCAMH and collaborating organizations.

The workshops focus on selected topics every year considered academically and clinically relevant. Clinical skill development in managing children with problems are of key importance. The Global Mental Health research group supports this skill transfer and see this as one interesting model to strengthen Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Child mental health globally and enhance skill transfer.