Bergen Stress and Sleep Group, BSSG


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Jorrit Waslander

Effects of prolonged light exposure on clock genes, plasticity, and activity in the brain


As a visiting Erasmus master student from the University of Groningen, Jorrit Waslander was doing a research internship at the Bergen Sleep and Stress Group (BSSG). In this project, they were looking at molecular changes in rats after exposure to prolonged blue-enriched or white light. mRNA and protein expression of clock genes, neuronal plasticity genes, and neuronal activity genes was studied. The aim of the project was to gain knowledge about how prolonged light exposure and different spectral qualities of light can affect the brain.

This project was a part of the project ‘Sleep dynamics in rats after exposure to long or short photoperiod’


Internal supervisor- Peter Meerlo, University og Groningen. 
External supervisor- Janne Grønli, University of Bergen.
Daily supervisor- Andrea Rørvik Marti, University of Bergen.