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Research infrastructure

EMBRC Norway

Norway has become a full member of the European Marine Biological Resource Centre (EMBRC), the European Research Infrastructure for marine biological research

Membership of EMBRC-Norway has been possible thanks to a grant from the Research Council of Norway in 2017, which was a "quality stamp" required to become member of this prestigious research infrastructure network. 

The leader of EMBRC-Norway professor Arild Folkvord, Department of Biosciences at UiB, explains it this way:

- The membership means that we will be able to offer access to research facilities and services in Norway while our own scientists will gain, in return,  access to a number of European facilities. This opens for numerous of opportunities for both use state-of-the-art installations and services and promote scientific collaboration among our European colleagues. Norway, and Bergen in particular, are too small to have cutting-edge expertise in all fields.

National coordinator: UiB

Partners: Institute of Marine Research, University of Oslo, University of Tromsø, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norwegian institute of water research , and Nofima

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