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Postdoc programme

MED Postdoc Training Programme

A second Postdoc Development Programme will run at the Faculty of Medicine, launching in September 2020. The new programme has been re-designed based on evaluative feedback collected during the pilot phase in 2018-9.

Postdoc, Faculty of Medicine, UiB.
The new Postdoc programme has been re-designed based on evaluative feedback


The Postdoc Development Programme aims to:

  • Support postdocs at The Faculty of Medicine or Helse Vest to develop a toolkit of skills to develop successful academic careers.
  • Develop a supportive community of early stage researchers at the Faculty of Medicine.
  • Make postdoctoral positions at the faculty more attractive to strong candidates.

The programme runs from September 2020 to June 2021 and covers a wide range of professional and technical skills development.  Please consult the programme for further details.

The programme is open to postdocs with contracts expiring after June 2021. Researchers in  “forsker” positions are encouraged to apply and will be enrolled if there is capacity. Applicants commit to attending all programme activities.

The deadline for application was 25 May 2020.

Please contact Marianne Stien at the Faculty of Medicine with any questions: marianne.stien@uib.no / tlf. + 47 55 58 66 69.