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OR + PC Workshop

Operations Research + Parameterized Complexity Workshop

The objective of the workshop is to foster cooperation between researchers working in the field of Operations Research and researchers working in the field of Parameterized Complexity.

The image depicts the participants of the Operations Research and Parameterized Complexity Workshop, held at Solstrand Hotel, Bergen between 17 and 18 September 2018. The participants are grouped along a staircase with the hotel in the background.
Frances Rosamond.


Location and Dates

  • Place: The workshop will take place in Bergen, Norway, at the Solstrand Hotel. 
  • Dates: 17 and 18 September 2018.


  • Sebastian Berndt (Kiel University)
  • Hilde Dybevik (University of Bergen)
  • Mateus de Oliveira Oliveira (University of Bergen)
  • Frances Rosamond (University of Bergen)


Mike Fellows' Norwegian Toppforsk Grant will cover the following expenses:

  • Accommodation to all participants for one night (September 17 to September 18).
  • Meals during the duration of the workshop.
  • Buses from UiB to the workshop venue on the morning of September 17 and back to UiB on the evening of September 18. 
  • Taxis from the airport to Solstrand Hotel will also be paid by the grant for people arriving at Bergen airport on the morning of August 17. If you are contemplating this possibility please make taxi arrangements through the hotel.  


Pdf file with schedule + abstracts

Monday 17 of September

08:30 – Bus from HIB to Solstrand Hotel

09:45 - 10:00 - Mike Fellows Opens the Workshop

10:00 - 10:50 - Keynote by Kurt Mehlhorn - Reflections on Theory and Practice.

10:50 - 11:10 - Coffee Break

11:10 - 12:40 Low Rank Binary Matrices

  • Fahad Panolan (UiB) - Approximation Schemes for Low-Rank Binary Matrix Approximation Problems
  • Petr Golovach (UiB) - Parameterized Low-Rank Binary Matrix Approximation

12:40 - 2:10 - Lunch

2:10 - 3:10 - Five-minute talks

  1. Sebastian Berndt (Kiel)
  2. Hans-Joachim Boeckenhauer (ETH Zurich)
  3. Hunkenschröder Christoph (EPFL)
  4. Jessica Enright (The Roslin Institute, UK)
  5. Kilian Grage (Kiel)
  6. Alexandra Lassota (Kiel)
  7. Alexsander Melo (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro)
  8. Stefan Szeider (TU Wien)
  9. Philipp Zschoche (TU Berlin)

3:10 - 3:50 - Keynote by Irina Gribkovskaia - TBA

3:50 - 4:10 - Coffee Break

4:10 - 4:50 – Implementations and New Directions

  • 4:10 - 4:30 Christian Komusiewicz (Philipps-Universität Marburg) - Implemention of Parameterized Algorithms: Two Recent Success Stories
  • 4:30 - 4:50 Jan Arne Telle (UiB) - Structurally-Aware Problem Encodings

4:50 - 7:30 - Swiming / optional activities / Discussions

7:30 Dinner

Tuesday 18 of September

9:00 - 10:30 - Computer Intensive Applications / Computations

  • 9:00 - 9:45 – Petteri Kaski (Aalto University) - Parameterization for current and future hardware.
  • 9:45 – 10:30 – Frederic Dorn (Sparebanken Vest) - Set-based vs procedural approach : optimizing a distribution algorithm for collaterals.

10:30  10:50 - Coffee Break

10:50 - 12:20 - Classical Problems

  • 10:50 - 11:35  - Pranabendu Misra (UiB) - NP-hardness of Popular Matchings in General graphs
  • 11:35 - 12:20 - Matthias Mnich (Univ Bonn) - Time- and space-optimal algorithms for the many-visits TSP

12:20 - 1:50 -  Lunch

1:50 - 2:40 - Keynote by Liming Cai - TBA

2:40 - 4:10 - Integer Programming

  • 2:40 - 3:25  - Eduard Eiben (UiB) - Structural Parameters for ILP
  • 3:25 - 4:10 - Marten Maack (Kiel) - Applications of n-fold Integer Programming in Scheduling

4:10 - 4:40 - Coffee Break

5:00 - Bus from Solstrand Hotel to HIB

Outing on Wednesday (After we have returned to Bergen)  

We have arranged a cruise trip to the fjords on Wednesday, one day after the end of the workshop. The cruise will pass trough deep fjords, steep mountains, mighty waterfalls and powerful currents. The duration of the trip is about 3 hours. The fjord trip will be paid by us. 

  • The cruise is called Fjordcruise Bergen-Mostraumen.
  • The departure is from Zachariasbryggen quay at the Fish Market at 02:00 pm. 
  • Please send an email to <Mateus.Oliveira@uib.no> if you are interested in joining the trip. (Please write "Fjord Trip" in the subject. In the body of the email please specify your name.)

Additional Talks

Three talks will be given during the week by the Erasmus students from Kiel University. The times are not yet scheduled, but all are welcome.

Logistic Details

  • Monday 17, 08:30 am: A bus will pick up participants in front of our university building at the Høyteknologisenteret i Bergen, Thormøhlensgate 55, N-5008 Bergen to take everyone to the Hotel Solstrand. The duration of the trip is 45 min. Please see Observation 2 below if you are arriving at Bergen airport on Monday morning.
  • Monday 17, 09:45 am: Workshop starts at Hotel Solstrand.
  • Tuesday 18, 04:30 pm: Workshop ends.
  • Tuesday 18, 05:00 pm:  A bus will pick up participants  in front of the Hotel Solstrand to take everyone back to Høyteknologisenteret. (Duration of the trip: 45 min)
  • Wedenesday 19, 02:00 pm: Outing to the fjords as specified above.

Obs 1: The group from Kiel and others will stay all week, so there are additional lectures during the week at the University in Bergen.

Obs 2: If you are arriving at the airport on Monday morning, please arrange a taxi through the Hotel Solstrand. Tell them you are coming for the workshop. The taxi will be paid by us. The Solstrand may have you share the taxi with others coming to the workshop.

Participants (preliminary list)

  • Max Bannach (University of Lübeck)
  • Sebastian Berndt (Kiel)
  • Hans-Joachim Boeckenhauer (ETH Zurich)
  • Cornelius Brand (Saarland University)
  • Liming Cai (University of Georgia)
  • Christophe Crespelle (UiB)
  • Hunkenschröder Christoph (EPFL)
  • Max Deppert (Kiel)
  • Frederic Dorn (SINTEF Energy Research, Trondheim, Norway)
  • Eduard Eiben (UiB)
  • Jessica Enright (The Roslin Institute, UK)
  • Michael Fellows (UiB)
  • Rudolf Fleischer  (German University of Technology in Oman)
  • Petr Golovach (UiB)
  • Kilian Grage (Kiel)
  • Irina Gribkovskaia (Høgskolen i Molde)
  • Lars Jaffke (UiB)
  • Petteri Kaski (Aalto University)
  • Christian Komusiewicz (Philipps-Universität Marburg)
  • Alexandra Lassota (Kiel)
  • Marten Maack  (Kiel)
  • Kurt Mehlhorn (Max Planck Institute for Computer Science)
  • Alexsander Melo (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro)
  • Pranabendu Misra (University of Bergen)
  • Matthias Mnich (Univ Bonn)
  • Mateus de Oliveira Oliveira (UiB)
  • Fahad Panolan (UiB)
  • Anthony Perez
  • Malin Rau (Kiel)
  • Frances Rosamond (UiB)
  • Marc Roth (Saarland University) 
  • Jan-Joachim Ruckmann (UiB) 
  • Kirill Simonov (UiB)
  • Malte Skambath (Kiel)
  • Torstein Stromme (UiB)
  • Stefan Szeider (TU Wien)
  • Jan Arne Telle (UiB)
  • Hao Wang (NTNU, Norway)
  • Magnus Wahlström (RHUL)
  • Philipp Zschoche (TU-Berlin)