Klinisk odontologisk forskning


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Postdoc: Nancy Birungi

PhD candidates attached to the group:

  • Elisabeth Grut Gil "Juvenile idiopathic arthritis with temporomandibular disorder and its correlation to clinical pain and imaging markers"
  • Randi Lynds "Potential Benefit and Radiation Risk of Conebeam Computed Tomography in Children with Impacted Maxillary Canine"
  • Synnøve Stokke Jensen "MoBaTann - en biobank for felte melketenner"
  • Johannes Maria Fischer "Juvenile idiopathic arthritis with temporomandibular disorder and its correlation to clinical pain and imaging markers"
  • Kjersti Gjerde "Adherence and treatment outcome of oral appliance treatment for obstructive sleep apnea"
  • Kordian Staniszewski "Orofacial pain related to refractory Temporomandibular disorder - Chacterization and follow up of a patient group"
  • Ulrik Leidland Opsahl "Acoustic pharyngometry to improve obstructive treatment sleep apnea with apnea splints"
  • Victoria Xenaki "Safety of Nanomaterials used in Dentistry: Perception of dental health care workers on nanosafety and in vitro nanotoxicity studies"

Thesis defended:

  • Trine Lise Lundekvam Berge "Treatment With Polymer-Based Dental Materials:Exposure to Bisphenol A and Effects on Pregnancy Outcomes"
  • Magnus Holmøy Bratteberg "Traumatic dental injuries —prevalence, severity and risk factors along the life course. A study among 16-year-old pupils in Hordaland, Western Norway"
  • Xin Feng "Radiographic analyses of maxillofacial morphology and respiratory function in orthodontic patients with hypertrophic adenoid" 
  • Zhanna Gaulen "Quality of life, employment, social relationships, and housing situation among heroin dependent poly-drug users"
  • Siri Flagestad Kvalheim "Towards improving oral palliative care in terminally ill patients: A study on the efficacy of oral moisturizers"
  • Irene Ness "Oral helsekunnskap, holdninger og praksis blant foreldre med innvandrerbakgrunn i Norge"
  • Reza Parsa "Application of three - dimensional sroulahon in orthognathic surgery"
  • Elisabeth Schilbred Eriksen "Surgical treatment of mandibularprognathism"
  • Lutango Daniel Simangwa "Oral health and oral quality of life of adolescents in a Maasai population area in Tanzania"
  • Tine Birkeland Sivertsen "Oral helse hos barn med medfødt hjertefeil".