Forskningsgruppe for eksperimentell patologi


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Tumor-microenvironment interaction projects

Experimental Pathology Research Group
Experimental Pathology Research Group


PhD candidate Harsh Dongre and Guest Researcher Zhuoyuan Zhang Research Project The role of tumor stroma in oral and vulvar carcinogenesis.’ Collaboration with  CCBio Gynecology research group of prof Line Bjørge, CCBio Oral Cancer Group of prof AC Johannessen,  Matrix Biology Reserach group of prof. Donald Gullberg, and Research Group of prof. Laurence Bindoff.

Researcher Jorun Litlekalsøy – Research project: ‘Tumor-host interactions in urothelial carcinoma’. Collaboration with University of Oslo.

PhD candidate Eduarda Guerreiro – Research Project Exosomes in oral cancer’ Collaboration with University of Oslo.

PhD candidate Nuha Gaafar Mohamed – Research ProjectIdentification of the oral microbiome and its correlation with the inflammatory host reaction and survival of oral cancer patients from Sudan’. Collaboration between University of Bergen and University of Khartoum.

PhD candidate Nazar Gafar Mohamed – Research Project ‘Characterization and validation of a distinct volatile organic compounds (VOC) profile in the exhaled breath as a potential diagnosis and prognosis tool for oral cancer in Northern Africa (Sudan) and its correlations with the oral fungal microbiome’. Collaboration between University of Bergen, University of Maastricht, University of Khartoum and Aenose Company.

Contact induced cell death by cancer cells into normal neighbouring cells

Time lapse movies of co-cultures of GFP-cancer cells and normal epithelial cells (all with red nuclei) showing TNT formation between the two cell types followed by cell death of the normal cells.