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Student housing at Fantoft

UiB students can apply for student accommodation through the Student Welfare Organization (Sammen).

Picture of Fantoft student housing
STUDENT HOUSING: This is the tallest building at the Fantoft student complex, and one of the tallest buildings in Bergen.


The Student Welfare Organization (Sammen), is a non-profit organisation providing affordable and secure housing for our students. What’s more, they offer guaranteed accommodation to international students who meet certain criteria.

With more than 4000 accommodation units, Sammen has a variety of student housing at different costs and at different locations throughout the city. All of the student hostels in Bergen are within six kilometers from the university campus, and they are located close to public transportation, which ensures you easy access to the city and the university.

Student housing at Fantoft

Fantoft student hostel is the largest student housing complex in Bergen, and consists of several buildings. Many of them have been completely refurnished in recent years. As of late 2021 the rent is between 4500-5500 NOK per month. The rent includes internet access, water, heating. Electricity must be paid separately. At the housing market in Bergen, this represents a great value for money.

Fantoft offers newly renovated single room, 17sqm with private bathroom and shared kitchen. The kitchen is shared with seven other students who live in the same corridor, both female and male.

The shared kitchens are equipped with stove/oven, refrigerator/freezer, microwave and dishwasher. All students sharing the kitchen have access to a lockable cabinet to store food and private kitchen items.

Fantoft - communal living

Sammen attempts to have a mix of international students and Norwegian students living together in the same corridor. This is great for language learning and cultural understanding.

The kitchens in the refurnished buildings are equipped with a large dining table and a lounge area, so you can socialize with your kitchen mates.

The Fantoft student hostel is one of the tallest buildings in Bergen, and many of the lounge areas have excellent panoramic views of the surrounding area.

Fantoft is situated in a well established residential area in Bergen, and close to the student hostel you will find the world famous Fantoft Stave Church, which is one of the most popular tourist spots in the city.   

What you need to bring to Fantoft  

The rooms are equipped with basic furniture, like a desk and bed. However, you will need to bring/purchase the following items:

  • Basic cooking utensils, cutlery, plates and glasses.
  • Your own bedding, sheet, duvet, pillow, towels and personal toiletries.  

Tenants leaving Fantoft will often donate their cooking utensils and cutlery to Klubb Fantoft. They normally arrange garage sales for new students, where second hand things can be purchased at affordable prices. The profit from the sale will be used to arrange social events for students staying at Fantoft.

Please note that – due to hygienic reasons – Klubb Fantoft will not sell second hand pillows, quilts or beddings.

Laundry facilities at Fantoft

The laundromat facilities at Fantoft are located in the basement. Laundry time is easily booked online, and there is a generous amount of washing machines and tumble dryers to your disposal, so washing your clothes should never be a problem.

The rates for one wash is 25 NOK.      

Information about laundry facilities is available here.             

Additional resources:

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