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The Norwegian Citizen Panel

The Norwegian Citizen Panel (Norsk medborgerpanel) is a core component of DIGSSCORE, and a research-purpose internet panel with over 10000 active participants


The Norwegian Citizen Panel, Norsk medborgerpanel, was established in 2013, as a collaboration  by The Department of Comparative Politics, The Department of Government, The Department of Information Science and Media Studies and The Department of Sociology, all at the Social Science Faculty at the University of Bergen, in addition to NORCE. From 2016 - 2020 DIGSSCORE and the Norwegian Citizen Panel was largely financed by the Trond Mohn Foundation together with the University of Bergen, while from 2021 the University of Bergen finances the Citizen Panel, along with the different research projects collecting data in the NCP.

The Norwegian Citizen Panel cooperates with Ideas2Evidence in regards to the operation of the survey. Ideas2Evidence is responsible for implementation of the recruitment of participants, coding the survey and fielding it. The panel is also followed up by internal support functions of the University of Bergen, mainly at DIGSSCORE.

The Norwegian Citizen Panel is a research-purpose internet panel with over 10 000 active participants. It is based on a probability sample of the general Norwegian population above the age of 18 drawn from the Norwegian National Registry. Panel members complete an online questionnaire three times a year of 15 minutes each.

Data can be found and downloaded from Surveybanken at Sikt. If you need text data or longitudinal data, the access to that is through SAFE, the secure access to research data and e-infrastructure at the University of Bergen. Write to digsscore@uib.no to apply for that access.

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