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The PROMISE Research Consortium

Promoting infant health and nutrition in Sub-Saharan Africa


Here you will find information about PROMISE. Our projects, team and collaborators.


The PROMISE Research Consortium was founded in 2003 by 4 African partners: Centre Muraz, Burkina Faso; Makerere University, Uganda; University Teaching Hospital and University of Zambia, Zambia; University of the Western Cape, South Africa and 3 European partners: University of Bergen, Norway; University of Montpellier/INSERM U1058, France and Uppsala University, Sweden. We have run a number of studies and trials (see list of projects). Uppsala University, Sweden left the collaboration after the PROMISE EBF trial was completed in 2011. All collaboration involving three or more of the partners are counted as PROMISE studies/trials and included in this web site. In addition, there are several projects/studies/trials involving only two of the partners.

Our projects:


The EBF-group:

Steering Committee: Thorkild Tylleskär, Philippe Van de Perre, Eva-Charlotte Ekström, Nicolas Meda, James K. Tumwine, Chipepo Kankasa, Debra Jackson 

Participating countries and investigators: (Country PI first, others in alphabetical order of surname)

Norway: Thorkild Tylleskär, Ingunn MS Engebretsen, Lars Thore Fadnes, Eli Fjeld, Knut Fylkesnes, Jørn Klungsøyr, Anne Nordrehaug-Åstrøm, Øystein Evjen Olsen, Bjarne Robberstad, Halvor Sommerfelt

France: Philippe Van de Perre

Sweden: Eva-Charlotte Ekström

Burkina Faso: Nicolas Meda, Hama Diallo, Thomas Ouedrago, Jeremi Rouamba, Bernadette Traoré Germain Traoré, Emmanuel Zabsonré

Uganda: James K. Tumwine, Caleb Bwengye, Charles Karamagi, Victoria Nankabirwa, Jolly Nankunda, Grace Ndeezi, Margaret Wandera

Zambia: Chipepo Kankasa, Mary Katepa-Bwalya, Chafye Siuluta, Seter Siziya

South Africa: Debra Jackson, Mickey Chopra, Mark Colvin, Tanya Doherty, Ameena E Googa, Lyness Matizirofa, Lungiswa Nkonki, David Sanders, Wanga Zembe

Projects and news