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DIGSSCORE at Arendalsuka

DIGSSCORE at Arendalsuka


The Norwegian Citizen Panel was the main attraction from the University of Bergen at Arendalsuka 2017. Researchers from the Citizen Panel and DIGSSCORE presented different research topics each day, with different researchers presenting.

Day 1: Democracy
Elisabeth Ivarsflaten, Sveinung Arnesen, Yvette Peters, Marta Eidheim and Runa Langaas

Day 2: Media bubbles
Erik Knudsen, Marta Eidheim and Runa Langaas

Day 3: Climate change
Endre Tvinnereim, Åsta Nordø, Annika Rødeseike and Marta Eidheim

Day 4: Migration
Susanne Bygnes, Lise Bjånesøy, Åsta Nordø, Annika Rødeseike and Marta Eidheim

All days also had some similar content, as "Meningsfelle-testen" (developed together with Bergens Tidende), "Sympatibarometeret" (developed together with Bergens Tidende) and information about the Norwegian Citizen Panel, DIGSSCORE and different research projects.

You can also read this story in Norwegian, to learn more about the Norwegian Citizen Panel at Arendalsuka.

The participating researchers were happy to talk to so many people each day, and we hope that the visitors learnt something about the society and possibilites with social science-research.