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Autumn 2022

Meet the faculty – information meeting for exchange students

As a part of the Welcome Programme the Faculty of Humanities will hold a information meeting for incoming exchange students on Friday 12 August 2022.

Studenter på Sydneshaugen
Emil W. Breistein


We wish all new exchange students welcome to the Faculty of Humanities.   

The start of your lectures will depend on which courses you have chosen, as the courses have different start-up dates. The schedules are now available at the courses for exchange students (note that you must select the correct semester).

Information meeting for new international students at the Faculty of Humanities:

Time:11:15 - 12:30 on Friday 12 January

Place: Studentsenteret, egget

Preliminary programme (changes may occur):

  • Welcome to the Faculty of Humanities
  • Information for new international students 
  • Q & A
  • Information about mentor week
  • Campus tour

The Information Centre
You will find the faculty's Student Information Centre at Sydneshaugen School.

Our staff is happy to answer any question you might have regarding semester registration, courses, exams etc.