Forskningsgruppen for Undervisning og Læring i Høyere Utdanning


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Ongoing/upcoming research projects:

  1. «Flipped assessment at BØK103_1 Driftsregnskap og økonomistyring». Ola Barkved (UiS) and Arild Raaheim (UiB).
    Contact person: Arild Raaheim.
  2. «Open book exam as an alternative to the traditional ´school exam´ - a case study.» Knut Martin Tande (UiB), Lucas M. Jeno, (UiB) and Arild Raaheim (UiB).
    Contact person: Arild Raaheim.
  3. «The PhD journey: candidates and supervisors.» Robert Gray (UiB), Lucas M. Jeno (UiB), Arild Raaheim (UiB), Kim Jesper Herrmann (Aarhus), Gitte Wichmann-Hansen (Aarhus) and Torben K. Jensen (Aarhus).
    Contact person: Arild Raaheim.
  4. «A German study in the students´own hands. The effect of blended learning on student motivation, work performance and 21st Century skills.» Birger Solheim (UiB).
    Contact person: Birger Solheim.