Bergen Epilepsy Research Group (BERG)


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The SCAN-AED research team

Julie Werenberg Dreier, MSPH PhD

Senior Researcher in the SCAN-AED group and epidemiologist with expertise in register-based studies within developmental epidemiology, including seizure disorders (epilepsy and febrile seizures), psychiatric disorders (e.g. autism and ADHD) and general cognitive development in children.


List of publications here

Selected publications:

Dreier JW; Ellis CA; Berkovic SF; Cotsapas C; Ottman R; Christensen J (2020). Epilepsy risk in offspring of affected parents; a cohort study of the “maternal effect” in epilepsy. Annals of Clinical and Translational Neurology. Vol 8 (1), p. 153-162 

Daugaard CA; Pedersen L; Sun Y; Dreier JW; Christensen J (2020).  Association of Prenatal Exposure to Valproate and Other Antiepileptic Drugs With Intellectual Disability and Delayed Childhood Milestones. JAMA Network Open. Vol 3(11), p. e2025570 

Dreier JW; Pedersen CB; Gasse C; Christensen J (2019). Antiepileptic drugs and suicide: the role of prior suicidal behavior and parental psychiatric disorder. Annals of Neurology. Vol 86 (6), p. 951-961. 

Dreier JW; Li J; Sun Y; Christensen J (2019). Evaluation of long-term risk of epilepsy, psychiatric disorders and mortality among children with recurrent febrile seizures. A national Cohort study in Denmark. JAMA Pediatrics. Vol 173 (12), p.1164-1170. 

Daugaard CA; Sun Y; Dreier JW; Christensen J (2019). Use of antiepileptic drugs in women of fertile age. Danish Medical Journal. Vol 66 (8) p. A5563. 

Christensen J, Pedersen L, Sun Y, Dreier JW, Brikell I, Dalsgaard S (2019). Association of Prenatal Exposure to Valproate and Other Antiepileptic Drugs With Risk for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in Offspring. JAMA Network Open. Vol 2 (1), p. e186606 

Dreier JW, Pedersen CB, Cotsapas C, Christensen J (2019). Childhood seizures and risk of psychiatric disorders in adolescence and early adulthood. A Danish nation-wide cohort study. Lancet Child & Adolescent Health. Vol 3(2), p. 99-108