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Seminar programme Autumn 2019: 


Seminars: Fridays at 10-12, Meeting room at SVT (Parkveien 9)


  • 23rd August - Planning meeting

  • 27th September : TBA

  • 4th October: TBA

  • 15th November: 10:15-11.00: TBA 11:15-12:00 TBA

  • 22nd November: 10:15-11.00: TBA 11:15-12:00 TBA

  • 29th November: 10:15-11.00: TBA 11:15-12:00 TBA

  • 6th December: 10:15-11.00: Helen Leslie-Jacobsen11:15-12:00 : TBA

  • 13th December: 10:15-11.00: Henning Laugerud, 11:15-12:00 Samantha Smith


Guest lectures

  • 1st October - Gjesteforelesning med Mattia Biffis, Post-Doc ved Den norske instituttet i Roma. Tittel TBC 


  • 18th October - Guest lecture with prof. Kristin Bliksrud Aavitsland, MF/Oslo. Title: "Ad imaginum et similtudinem Dei": some Theological Perspectives on Images and Image production in the High Middle Ages. 

    Time: 10:15-12:00

    (NB!) Place: HF-bygget, room 216 

Book Workshop

  • 24th-25th October ( 2 day-workshop). Place TBC

Other Activities

  • 13th September: PhD defence by Synne Ytre Arne (NB:seperate time and location. Trial Lecture on previous day)