Urban Enclaving Futures


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Here is a list of workshops arranged by the Urban Enclaving Futures project.


2023 - Shanghai

The third Urban Enclaving Futures workshop entitled “Urban Trajectories: Comparing Integration, Enclaving and Development in Africa and China” took place in September 2023. Over four rewarding and exciting days, core researchers from the UEF project convened with colleagues working for a range of universities in mainland China and Taiwan for a multi-modal workshop and a series of urban field excursions in Shanghai and Yiwu. The group broached comparative issues such as patterns of urban enclaving across regions, urban housing, private urbanization, and long-term spatial and temporal dimensions to city development. As a result, a new Sino-Nordic-African network of urban research was founded. Read more about the workshop here.

2019 - Maputo

In January, the first annual Enclaving workshop was held in Maputo, Mozambique. Over four days, core researchers and affiliated researchers gathered to discuss and explore the concept of enclaving, and how to work with it methodologically and comparatively. As part of the programme, the group therefore meandered through the streets of Maputo in order to juxtapose a classic academic approach and a direct engagement with the actual city. Read more about the workshop here.


2020 - Accra

The second annual Enclaving workshop was held in Accra in February 2020. During five exciting and eventful days, the workshop participants explored Accra’s diversity and took a dive into what is now the second half of the project. This occasion in Accra was an opportunity to delve into what enclaving means during walks around Accra, an open workshop and, not least, the discussions and presentations. Read more about the workshop here.