Reed og Stuhr laboratorium


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Main projects:

  • Evaluate the effect of hyperbaric oxygen treatment on tumor growth and properties as well as metastasis and metastatic profile on humanized PDX triple negative breast cancer models, with special emphasize on the combination of HBOT and immunotherapy to try to reawake immune cells or redirect them from a pro-tumor to anti-tumor state and thus improve triple negative breast cancer treatment.
  • Identify and understand the tumor microenvironmental factors that are involved in triple negative breast cancer under normal conditions, as well as after HBOT and which also correlates to immunotherapy outcomes.
  • Effect of fibroblast and immune cells on tumor growth, invasion and migration in 3D breast cancer heterospheroids during normoxia and hyperoxia.
  • Collaboration with the Akslen and Gullberg groups on the use of monoclonal antibodies against human α11 integrin as a biomarker for human cancer