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CET Lunch Seminar

The latest IPCC-report: What does it say and what does it mean?

CET is happy to announce the CET lunch seminar with Inger Måren, Associate Professor at the department of biological sciences and UNESCO chair at UiB.

IPCC special report


Land provides the principal basis for human livelihoods and well-being including the supply of food, freshwater and multiple other ecosystem services, as well as biodiversity. Land also plays an important role in the climate system. Sustainable land management can contribute to reducing the negative impacts of multiple stressors, including climate change, on ecosystems and societies, but how?

About Inger Måren:

My research focuses on the dynamics in coupled human and natural systems, including sustainable development, natural resource management, agro-biodiversity, sustainable land use, ecosystem services, agroecology, and food security. I work with colleagues across the social and natural sciences to elucidate links between anthropogenic activities and the environment, in Europe, as well as in Asia, North-America and Africa. I seek to gain multifaceted knowledge within ecology and associated disciplines to investigate social-ecological complexities. In addition to a PhD in ecology I have completed a minor in Social Anthropology, and the cross-disciplinary courses Ecology and Development and Resource Management and Environmental Conservation.

As the UNESCO Chair at UiB, I'm currently working on the establishment of Norway's first Biosphere Area - Nordhordland Biosphere Area - under UNESCO's Man and The Biosphere-programme.

Presentation from seminar: