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Beyond oil conference

All aboard the CET conference train!

The Centre for Energy and Climate Transformation (CET) invites researchers and students to transform academic work cultures in favour of low-carbon travel solutions. The train leaves Oslo at 12.03 on October 15. Arriving in Bergen at 18.55 ready for the Beyond Oil 2019 conference on October 16-17.

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The Centre for Energy and Climate Transformation (CET) invites researchers and students to transform academic work cultures in favour of low-carbon travel solutions.
Judith Dalsgård/CET


All aboard the CET Beyond Oil conference train!

Are you based in Oslo or the rest of Scandinavia – why not join the Beyond Oil Conference Train to Bergen? Not only will you enjoy the most spectacular way to travel to Bergen, but you will also be part of the train conference, engaging in lively workshops and academic discussions during the 7-hour train ride. The "Bergen train line (Bergensbanen)" is famous for its spectacular views so this is a perfect way to see the mountains of Norway, as well as engaging with fellow academics.

The Beyond Oil Committee has booked a train carriage on the 12.03 pm train leaving from Oslo to Bergen on Tuesday the 15th of October. The train ride is free of charge for those attending the Beyond Oil Conference. All you need to do is confirm your participation via this link


Who said slow travel had to be boring?

12.03Train departs Oslo S


Welcome & introduction  

Welcome and self-introduction from passengers -

13.00 –13.45

Low-Carbon academic practices: what does cultural change look like?

Kårstein Måseide, Centre for Climate and Energy Transformation

Discussion: In what ways can universities align their activities with climate targets? Sharing of initiatives and experiences of the changes implemented in higher education institutions.

13.45 -14.00

Short Break

14.00 –15.30

Embodied knowledge: How can the arts deepen the scope of academic engagement?

In this session, we explore the role of artistic practices in grounding intellectual and emotional knowledge. In what ways can researchers challenge traditional roles in climate research and engage with wider audiences?

Emma Arnold, Department of Sociology and Human Geography, University of Oslo

Nicolas Maigret, Artist


Break – food and enjoy the view! CET will provide refreshments, there is also a café on board


What is the role of academia in supporting deep and rapid culture transformations in relation to climate change? What types of knowledge, education and skills are needed to mitigate and adapt to climate change?

How can we find new ways of making our research, education and outreach relevant?

Kevin Anderson, School of Mechanical, Aerospace and Civil Engineering (MACE) at the University of Manchester

Åshild Aarø, The Collaboratory, University of Bergen

18.55Train arrives in Bergen

Any questions? Please send them here: beyondoil@uib.no

Have you registered for the Beyond Oil Conference? For registration see here. 

See the program for the Beyond Oil: Deep and Rapid Transformations conference here.