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Digital humanities

Richard Rogers: Workshop on Digital Methods

Learn more about digital methods in this workshop with Richard Rogers, professor in new media at the University of Amsterdam.

Richard Rogers - Doing Digital Rogers
Doing Digital Methods
(C) Richard Rogers

Richard Rogers’ most recent book is “Doing Digital Methods” (Sage 2019), which gives practical and methodological advice on how to use digital methods tocollect and analyse data from search engines, social media and websites for scholars in the humanities and social scientists. Richard Rogers also directs The Digital Methods Initiative (DMI) at the University of Amsterdam. Comprised of new media researchers and PhD candidates, DMI designs methods and tools for repurposing online devices and platforms (such as Twitter, Facebook and Google) for research into social and political issues. DMI organizes Winter and Summer Schools that are open to all researchers, and the half-day workshop in Bergen will give partipants a small taste of what these workshops are like.

Doing Digital Methods is available at the library at UiB, here.