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CET Lunch Seminar

Climate mythbusting with Erik Kolstad

CET is happy to announce this week's CET lunch seminar with Erik Kolstad, researcher at NORCE and Professor II at CET.

CET lunch
CET Lunch Seminars most Wednesdays at the social sciences building.
Judith Dalsgård/CET


Erik Kolstad is a professor II at CET and has held several “mythbusting” talks in the past months, equipping the general public with great arguments to questions like: “Why was it almost as warm in the Viking Age as it is today? Have palm trees grown in the Arctic in the past? Is it true that the climate has always changed, and that the changes now aren't really anything special?"

Erik Kolstad will give an abbreviated version of the talk he held at the Bergen Public Library in January. Join us and bring your own climate science myths you would like a concrete answer for!

About Erik Kolstad:

My main research interests are climate impacts, seasonal forecasting, and polar meteorology. Since August 2014, I've been a researcher at NORCE Climate. Between 2011 and 2014, I was a scientist at StormGeo in Bergen, working primarily with weather forecasting and forecast/hindcast products for the wind energy industry. Before that, starting in 2003, I worked for the Bjerknes Centre for Climate Research at the University of Bergen, where I also took my PhD in meteorology.

As always, the CET Lunch Seminars are open for anyone interested. Please share in your networks to people interested in next week’s topic. 

A light lunch will be served, so please let us know if you are coming by Monday February 17th, 12pm: Judith.dalsgard@uib.no