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UiB-employees: Questions and answers about the coronavirus

The University of Bergen follows the guidelines from the health authorities and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Specific advice is given for The Faculty of Medicine.

Questions and answers about the corona virus
Corona virus in Norway: At present, the advice from the health authorities is to maintain normal activities and to follow general advice on infection hygiene. Specific advice is given regarding medicine and dentistry.


The current guideline from the health authorities Norwegian Institute of Public Health (NIPH) is to follow preventive hygiene advice and to follow the given advice regarding social distancing. The situation is evolving and guidelines are being updated as new information becomes available.

Corona virus - Frequently asked questions:

If I get quarantied: What happens to payment of salary?

You are entitled to sick leave if a doctor corders you to be isolated because you may be infected with the coronavirus.

This also applies if the doctor is not sure whether you are actually an infectious carrier, according to NAV. If you are encouraged to be in the home quarantine, it is important that you contact your General Practitioner to have the right to sick leave notified.

What happens to this term's exams? 

All teaching / tutoring and examinations will be made available on various digital platforms. This is to uphold the students’ progress and ensure that students get their diploma.

You will find information on Mitt UiB on how the digital assessment will be arranged.

All students are asked to please check Mitt UiB for further information on current changes. 

Students are asked to please contact their faculty information centre.

What will be the consequences for planned events at UiB this spring?

The emergency preparedness team are assessing the situation. The situation is evolving and guidelines are being updated as new information becomes available. We put safety and health first, and due to the evolving situation, there has been a large number of cancellations. Further cancellations cannot be ruled out.

Do I have to cancel business trips?

All UiB employees and students are strongly recommended to follow the advice given by the national authorities. For the moment, the health authorities advice people to stay at home, and avoid all unnecessary travel activity. All business trips are to be cancelled. Please read more about cancellations.

I have contact with patients, what should i do?

If you are a student in a health professions education and have practice or clinical teaching at a health institution/clinic/pharmacy or are otherwise in contact with patients, you should in this context consider yourself as a health professional and therefore follow the advice given by the Institute of Public Health to health personnel. You must also consult and follow any local information from the relevant health institution/clinic/pharmacy etc.

We urge you to pay special attention to the advice of health professionals who have returned from travel in an area of ​​widespread coronavirus infection:

Am I entitled to caring days and personal leave of abcense?

If you have children who reach the age of 12 in 2020 and younger children, you are entitled to: 

  • 20 care days per calendar year when you have one or two children 
  • 30 care days per calendar year when you have three or more children 
  • When you have a shared housing , you get 20 or 30 days each depending on how many children you have 
  • If you are alone in the care, the number of days is doubled 

It is possible to transfer care days between parents. This is done in order to facilitate that parents who work in socially critical functions should be able to continue their important work. Such transfer must be reported to NAV. For additional information on care days, employees can contact the Service team for absenteeism and parental leave. Additional information is also available at nav.no 

UiB provides care allowance for up to three days. Thereafter, the national insurance scheme provides care money. UiB offsets the care money and can demand a refund from the NAV for the number of days exceeding three. It is important that the employee records such absence in the HR portal. 

If more care days are needed, UiB may grant an application for welfare leave upon application.

Should I avoid public transportation?

Norway's health authorities encourage everyone to pay extra attention to infection prevention and control if you have to use public transportation. Furthermore, please avoid other places where you can easily get close to others and avoid close contact with others.

Are you a Ph.D. candidate currently taking classes and courses? 

Please check Mitt UiB for further information on changes made for your classes. The University is working to find good alternative solutions for examination. If you have further questions, please contact the Info centre at your department

What happens to public defences and trial lectures?

Public defences and trial lectures shall be conducted in a digital manner during the COVID-19 outbreak.

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