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Are you Corona stuck in front of a computer?

With a lot of stationary work, muscles and joints stiffen up and can give pain. Maybe you need some help to get started with physical activity? Below are some easy tips for activities that can be done from your home office.


Do you like to go for a walk?

Climb a mountain, go for a walk through the city or in your neighborhood. Do what suits you best!

Not used your bike for a while?

Maybe it is time to get back into biking shape and impress your colleagues with Cycling to work when UiB finally opens again?

Hard to find the motivation?

Try using free apps like Strava or Endomondo where you and your colleagues can follow each other’s activities. How about a little internal competition?

Do you prefer to do your workout together with others?

Sammen Sports offers livestream Group sessions from a private Facebook group for UiB employees and students.

Need some bend and stretch?

Take a few minutes every day for a short break session (NO).