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Handbook of Stemmatology (2020)

Handbook of Stemmatology: History, Methodology, Digital Approaches. Edited by Philipp Roelli. Berlin: De Gruyter, 2020


As the analysis of relations between textual artefacts, stemmatology represents an important basis not only for textual criticism but also for the broader study of medieval literatures and languages. This handbook covers theoretical and practical aspects of the field, traditional as well as modern digital methods and their histories. Comprising contributions from 38 experts, the chapters in this handbook cover material aspects of text traditions, the genesis and methods of traditional "Lachmannian" textual criticism and the objections raised against it, as well as modern digital methods used in the field. The handbook addresses various philological traditions as well as comparable methods in other fields such as biology and anthropology.

From the Research Group in Medieval Philology, Aidan Conti and Odd Einar Haugen serve as members of the editorial committee which is headed by Philipp Roelli (Universität Zurich). Odd Einar Haugen edited the section “The genealogical method”; Aidan Conti the section “Editions”. In addition, Odd Einar contributed a chapter on “Types of Editions”; Aidan Conti on “A typology of variation and error”.

The Handbook of Stemmatology will be published by De Gruyter in September 2020 with full open access to the electronic format of the publication.