Bergen School of Global Studies (BSGS)


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Bergen School of Global Studies

The Five Pillars of BSGS

Bergen School of Global Studies brings together graduate programmes and courses across all UiB's seven Faculties, with relevance to solving complex challenges facing the world today. BSGS rests on five pillers led by excellent research groups engaged with climate change, governance, global health, inequality, and migration. 

Students in the park
Emil Breistein / UiB


The five pillars of BSGS are led by excellent resarchers in the respective field:

Climate ChangeHåvard Haarstad (Centre for Climate and Energy Transformation)
GovernanceSiri Gloppen & Lise Rakner (LawTransform)
HealthAstrid Blystad & Karen Marie Moland (Centre for International Health)
InequalityBjørn Enge Bertelsen (Global Research Programme on Inequality — GRIP)
MigrationSynnøve Bendixsen (International Migration and Ethnic Relations — IMER Bergen)

BSGS pillars

Co-directors of BSGS are Siri Gloppen and Lise Rakner. BSGS is part of the University's strategic area of Global Challenges.