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Watch the Just Mobility Transitions (JUSTMOB) seminar here!

Did you miss the Just Mobility Transitions (JUSTMOB) seminar on September 3rd? No need to worry!

Just Mobility Transitions seminar in Bergen on 3rd September 2020



Did you miss the Just Mobility Transitions (JUSTMOB) seminar on September 3rd? Don't worry, you can watch it here!!

The topics and speakers of the seminar:

  • An introduction to Just Mobility Transitions – Håvard Haarstad, Director of Centre for Climate and Energy Transformation, University of Bergen
  • Planning urban mobility transitions – Lars Kvalbein, Bergen Municipality
  • Car sharing as a just solution – Tori Langaas, CEO of Bildeleringen
  • Smart e-mobility innovation with Blockchain – Wilfried Pimenta, CEO of Alpha Venturi, BD at IOTA Foundation
  • Research agenda for Just Mobility Transitions – panel discussion between Amber Nordholm, Devyn Remme and Siddharth Sareen, University of Bergen
  • Planning car-free zones in practice - Lea Oppedal, Bergen Municipality
  • Digitalisation as the future of mobility? – panel with Lars Kvalbein, Lars Petter Klem (Bergen Municipality) and Tori Langaas moderated by Devyn Remme

The timeline for each speaker can be found in the description of the video! More details are available on the JUSTMOB webpage.