The Centre for Social Algorithms


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The Centre for Social Algorithms


The sustainability of science progress is reflected in our ability to train the new generation of scientists and engineers. The centre will actively contribute in integrating ethical reasoning skills into all computer science curriculum at the Informatics department at the University of Bergen and support the Faculty of Social Science's program to teach algorithmic skills to social science students. 

Education is interaction
Marija Slavkovik


Courses in AI  and computing are typically, everywhere in the world, offered to students of "technical" studies such as computer science, informatics, engineering and information science.  Subjects which develop skills that would help one to recognize and understand issues of social and personal impact  are typically offered to students in humanities and social sciences. Offering an ethics course to future developers, or a developing course to future ethicists is not enough. The challenge in educating future  scientists and engineers is to "not forget about ethical concerns when focused on technical systems issues".

Why can we make it happen? Our team has supervised numerous successful PhD and masters candidates. Marija Slavkovik, Thomas Ågotnes and Pekka Parviainen are in the process of establishing the first bachelor in AI program in Norway. Pinar Heggernes, as a head of the Informatics department,  and Thomas Ågotnes, as the head of education in Information Science,  works directly on the development of the bachelor and masters curriculum in their Faculties. Pinar Heggernes as the head of NORA and Marija Slavkovik as a member of its education council actively work on developing the AI Ethics opportunities for education for doctoral students in Norway.