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Book Publication

All-in-one guide to analysing health equity impacts and trade-offs

Researchers and affiliated researchers from BCEPS have contributed as editors and chapter authors to the recently published Oxford University Press handbook of "Distributional Cost-Effectiveness Analysis".

Distributional Cost-Effectiveness Analysis


Distributional Cost-Effectiveness Analysis: Quantifying Health Equity Impacts and Trade-Offs

- published on 30 September 2020

This publication was co-edited by Richard Cookson (BCEPS affiliated researcher, University of York), Susan Griffin (University of York), Ole F. Norheim (BCEPS Director, University of Bergen) and Anthony J. Culyer (University of York), while Kjell Arne Johansson, Øystein Haaland and Jan-Magnus Økland, all members of the Bergen BCEPS team, contributed to one or more chapters in the book.

The book is part of a series of Handbooks in Health Economic Evaluation published by Oxford University Press and is a practical guide to methods for quantifying the equity impacts of health programmes in high, middle, and low-income countries.

The key website for this handbook is:

A range of supporting materials in the form of spreadsheet training exercises has been made available, and the book contains both hands-on training for postgraduate students and analysts and an accessible guide for academics, practitioners, managers, policy makers, and stakeholders.