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CET Virtual Lunch Seminar

What does a publishable paper look like?

CET is happy to announce next week’s CET Lunch Seminar with CET Director Professor Håvard Haarstad.

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This week's seminar discusses the characteristics of a publishable journal article.


About the talk:

What does a publishable paper look like? This week’s CET lunch will be dedicated to the publication process, and we’ll discuss the characteristics of a publishable journal article. Professor Håvard Haarstad will start the discussion by presenting his idea of this, looking at the steps of piecing together an academic argument. After the presentation we will open for discussion, and aim to collectively get an idea of similarities and differences between different disciplines, and what we need to know to publish interdisciplinary research. 


About the speaker:

Håvard Haarstad is Professor of Human Geography and Director of the Center for Climate and Energy Transformation (CET) an interdisciplinary research center based at UiB’s Faculty of Social Science. His main research focus is social change towards sustainability, particularly in relation to climate change and he is interested in how we can transform cities and urban life – both materially, socially and culturally, in order to meet the climate and sustainability challenges that face us. CET is focused on creating what we like to call ‘actionable knowledge’ – knowledge that is produced and communicated in ways that help shape society. 

As always, the CET Lunch Seminars are open for anyone interested so please feel free to share within your networks.