Kjernefasilitet for flowcytometri


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Luminex -Multiplexing immunoassay 

A Luminex assay is a bead-based immunoassay that allows for multiplex detection of up to 100 analytes simultaneously. Color-coded microspheres, or beads, are internally dyed with different proportions of red and infrared fluorophores that correspond to a distinct spectral signature, or bead region. The quantification of multiple cytokines and other biomarkers in a sample provides critical information about biological processes and diseases.

Antibodies specific to a desired analyte are coupled to a unique bead region and are incubated with sample. After washing away unbound materials, samples are incubated with a mixture of biotinylated detection antibodies and a streptavidin-phycoerythrin (PE) reporter. Using a Luminex instrument, beads are excited by one laser to determine the bead region and corresponding assigned analyte. Another laser determines the magnitude of the PE-derived signal, which is proportional to the amount of analyte bound. Multiple readings are taken at each bead region, ensuring robust detection.


Cost-effective assay for profiling multiple biomarkers markers (over 50) simultaneously. 

An assays require a small sample volume (<50 µL) conserving sample by measuring multiple analytes in a single well within a short time. 


Pris pr plate 500NOK unsuperised. 

Supervised pris pr plate1000NOK (Setup of machine, QC, and running the plate)