Bærekraftskonferansen i Bergen


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Ways of knowing, modes of inhabiting: Dialogues across a fragmented Earth for the 2030 Agenda

Read the concept note for the 2022 SDG Conference Bergen.


The contemporary Anthroposcene world can be described as one with deep lines of conflict, generating so large disagreements of almost ontological nature, that people do not share the same world. Some live in a world where there is still space for economic growth; where endless growth is possible to accommodate. This is a world where nature is perceived as abundant and as an un-depletable source of extraction. Others live in a world where nature is collapsing and where we need fundamental social and economic change in order to survive. Some live in a world where the dramatic consequences of climate change are experienced, on a daily basis. Others pursue their lives surrounded by the security and comfort of private wealth.

The SDG Conference Bergen 2022 will unpack and explore these differences and lines of conflict, which are political but also epistemological, and even ontological. These are results of not only different geographical and political positions, but also different modes of inhabiting the world. We need to ask whether new ways of knowing are required, that move beyond and across not only a range of disciplines, but also knowledge-communities, people and cultures. We need ways of working with and across the differences between scientific disciplines, between humanities and natural sciences for instance, but also differences between academic and non-academic forms of knowledge, between knowledge informing policy and politics, popular knowledges, or indigenous knowledges. This conference will explore what kinds of dialogues we need to work collaboratively and across different ways of knowing. We need to find concrete paths to work between and within different knowledge systems to unleash the transformative ambition of the 2030 Agenda.